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Though membership in the Deer River Lions is by invitation only, we are always interested in bringing in new members that will help us to fulfill our mission of serving those less fortunate. If Lionism interests you, contact one of the current members.

November 9, 1946

Dr. H.R. Anderson
Clifford Alto
Alva A. Baker
Ray H. Beardsley
Malcolm Campbell
Leroy Chandler
George H. Dederick
H. J. DeWitt
Ray Giberson
H. M. Helfrich
L. J. Heneman
Wes Hammerstrom
William Henry
R. P. Jones
Charles Kavanagh
A. L. LaFreniere
G.W. Laumann
Henry Linder
A. L. Lukens
N. F. Marx
W. F. Ott
E. O. Olson
Neil I. Peck
Dr. C. G. Peterson
J. E. Rydrych
A. F. Sanger
Dr. C. M. Tucker
Orson Weekley
Oscar Worrath
William Welch
January 1, 2010

Derek Aho
James Anthony
Gene Bittrich
Brad Box
Scott Brisson
Bruce “Buzz” Burgess
Jeff Deihl
Garry Frits
Dr. David Goodall
Mark Gullickson
Paul Hager
Dale Haiby
Gordy Herrgard
Eric Hutchins
Kevin Johnson
Richard Jurvelin
Steve Jurvelin
Roger Moede
Larry Nixon
Dr. Charles Ott
Daryl Pederson
Clarence Quatier
Bruce Santolin
Andrew Shaw
David Sorenson
Reynold Ward
Carl Williams
Victor Williams Jr.

Thank you for supporting the Deer River Lions!

Deer River Lions Club
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Deer River , MN

P.O. Box 209 · Deer River · Minnesota 56636